Geological Studies

Collier specializes in geological investigations in support of rock-slope stability analysis, tunnel exploration and development (lithology, rock integrity, consolidation grouting, fracture inflow, etc.), bedrock fracture trace analysis, and geological research. Bedrock characterization is affected via graphical representation of outcrop and tunnel data, including stereographic projections, rose diagrams, histograms, and map illustrations.

Collier also conducts subsurface geological investigations using geophysical methods to provide a complete bedrock characterization, including unique and high-powered low frequency ground penetrating radar (LFGPR). In addition to stratigraphic and bedrock investigations, LFGPR can be used for tunnel detection and deep utility surveys. 

Geological Studies Applications

  • Depth-to-Bedrock
  • Outcrop Mapping
  • Hazard Analysis 
  • Slope Stability
  • Borehole Fracture Mapping
  • Rock Integrity Testing
  • Fault/Fracture Tracing
  • Stratigraphy Analysis

Our sector leader, Mario Carnevale, P.Gis a geophysicist with extensive experience in hydrogeology. We understand what data you need and can help you plan a study that will significantly increase your understanding of your site and produce a better result for your client.

Geological Studies Contact

For more information on geologic study services or to inquire about working with us, please contact one of our representatives.

Mario Carnevale, P.G.

Principal Geophysicist / Operations Manager

(617) 312-8806