May 31, 2022

Collier & AGF Alliance!

Collier Geophysics (Collier) and Aqua Geo Frameworks, LLC (AGF) are excited to announce a strategic alliance between our companies. This alliance allows a formal collaboration between Collier’s surface, borehole, and marine geophysical expertise and AGF’s airborne electromagnetic (AEM) investigations. This alliance provides for an industry leading set of expertise between the two organizations. Over the years, the large-scale AEM projects have needed fill-in and ground-based geophysical surveys to provide clients with a complete geologic framework for their project needs.

The experience brought together by Collier and AGF staff offers tremendous breadth and depth from geologists, hydrologists, geophysicists and engineers to solve complex hydrologic and geologic problems. Additionally, the scale-factor to acquire townships worth of data with AEM, follow-up with the mobile Wallaby TEM array, or any other variety of geophysical methods, gives this alliance an edge to working at any level of project size desired.

With the ever-increasing demand for water resources, we believe this alliance will give federal, state, city and water district managers the value to select how and why particular methods are applied for their projects. This team provides a powerful combination of AEM and ground-based geophysical surveys including exploration for water resources, aquifer characterization, managed aquifer recharge, and environmental site characterization. With both Collier and AGF’s broad experience across the world, our alliance brings both our clients a collective team with unparalleled skill and experience.